Welcome to Jetset Kiwi!


Who am I?  I’m Em – a 28 year old Kiwi gal who currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve always had a strong passion for travel and on my first trip out of New Zealand I knew I had caught the travel bug.
Between working and taking the occasional trip back to New Zealand, to see family and friends, I’ve managed to explore a lot of the USA, and different regions with Canada and India.

Next on my list is more of Asia & Europe which is all in the works.

General Questions…
Em Auckram (legally Emma)
Age: 28 years old
Where am I from: A tiny little town in New Zealand – Levin, google it!
Where do I live: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: I’ve been a Travel Consultant for the last 9 years.  At the moment I am a Relationship Manager with a set client base.  I book luxury holidays around the world, where my clients travel primarily business or first class and stay at some of the most amazing properties you could dream up!
Hobbies: Travel!  I also love to read, cook & bake, try new cocktails and spend time with my amazing friends and family.

Where am I travelling to next?
April/May 2017 (3 weeks) – USA

If you have any questions or or would like me to offer suggestions for YOUR trip please contact me below (or on my contact me page)…

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